A logo for an arborist

Logo and branding for a tree chopping, wood cutting company.

i Tretoppen is an arborist in southern Norway, delivering a low-cost service to anyone in the need of getting trees and foliage safely and correctly cut down, trimmed, and/or removed.

They approached me because they wanted a logo for their company, and their Facebook page. The Facebook page is the social face of the business. Showing customer statements, ratings, messages, in-action videos, and before and after pictures of trees getting chopped down to size.

i Tretoppen logo
i Tretoppen — logo

The original proposal quickly expanded into a Facebook cover image as well. Because why not? Something I’ve never really done before, I humbly accepted this request and worked out a fitting design. Communication before, during and after was quick, and spot on. Leading into a better end result. We ironed out minor wrinkles and together we concluded in a brand we were happy with.

i Tretoppen — Facebook cover

An interesting commission. Happy client, happy designer. 👍

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