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I got contacted by a client through Discord, and if you know Discord, you might already know where this is going!

This client is fan of playing video games, I’m fan of playing video games. We’re already off to a flying start. He’s streaming, mainly for the fun of it, and is wanting to slowly make it more serious and consistent.

He wondered if I had any experience with Twitch, or making branding for YouTube, Twitch and other social media/video platforms. I did previously not have all the experience required, I’m not very familiar with Twitch and YouTube branding. …

Logo and branding for a tree chopping, wood cutting company.

i Tretoppen is an arborist in southern Norway, delivering a low-cost service to anyone in the need of getting trees and foliage safely and correctly cut down, trimmed, and/or removed.

They approached me because they wanted a logo for their company, and their Facebook page. The Facebook page is the social face of the business. Showing customer statements, ratings, messages, in-action videos, and before and after pictures of trees getting chopped down to size.

Joacim Eldre

Dad, designer, dinosaur. I occasionally draw, design, and write.

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